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About the Show

Qubool Hai is about a journey of life, its trials and tribulations and acceptance of one's fate. It is said that God gives us the strength to change what we can and the courage to accept what we can't. Some have the courage to accept what we can't, some have it and some don't have it in them to accept the change but eventually the journey to accept what God has given us is the essence of the Qubool Hai.

Its a refreshing story about changing cultures, based on the lives of three young individuals Asad Ahmed Khan, Ayaan Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui, who are far different from one another, their families, views and ideas, all set in a Muslim backdrop. It is not about any love triangle or something but the story of two families related by blood and yet distanced by circumstances. It is the story of two brothers Ayaan and Asad who are separated by their families but are united in their hearts. It is also the story of Zoya, a girl who starts by hating the culture of hypocrisy in joint families and eventually ends up bringing together the two warring families.

Qubool Hai is a happy, cheerful and lively show that reveals the fine distinction between modernity and traditionalism. It is the story of a culture which is so rich yet misunderstood the most. Muslims from all over the world have a long history of making significant contributions to the society. They are diverse in nature, enriched with rich literature, music and language heritage that has a profound impression on all of us.

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