Arz Kiya Hai...
— Ayaan When saying a Shayari in Qubool Hai.
Ayaan Ahmed Khan
Biographical information
Full Name
  • Ayaan Rashid Ahmed Khan
  • Male
  • 20 (2013) 42 (2036)
  • Alive
Resides in
  • Bhopal, India (Formerly)
  • London,UK
Family information
Family Members

Personal information
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Dark Brown
Portrayed by
First Appearance
  • October 29, 2012
Last Appearance

October 2013


Ayaan Ahmed Khan was the Parallel Male Lead Protagonist of Zee TV's Qubool Hai. He is the second born child of Rashid Ahmed Khan through his second wife Shireen Ahmed Khan. He is the elder brother of Nikkhat Ahmed Khan and Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan. He is also the younger half-brother of Asad Ahmed Khan and the younger half-brother of Najma Ahmed Khan. He is also Dilshad Ahmed Khan's step-son and Badi Bi's third grandson/grandchild. He was engaged to Humeirah Siddiqui which broke when he accidentally got married to his maternal cousin, Zoya Farooqui.

Ayaan was Portrayed by Rishab Sinha (October 2012 -April 2013) and was later replaced by Vikrant Massey (April 2013-November 2013).


Ayaan is best described as stylish, charming and flamboyant. He loves pretty girls, bikes and dressing up on occasions. Being impulsive, playing pranks, flirting with girls and being carefree comes naturally to him. He is not inclined towards academics. He has not found his calling in life and he believes in living for the moment. Ayaan has a heart of gold but lacks maturity. He is comfortable in his position and does not feel the need to reach beyond himself for anything yet. Ayaan is very attached to his mother and brother, Asad, with whom he shares an endearing relationship.

Distraught with his father bringing in his first wife, Dilshad back into the family, Ayaan decides to leave the Siddiqui mansion. Despite his love and respect for Dilshad and Asad he storms out of the house with his belongings leaving his fiancee, Humeira behind. Humeira waits for his returns but towards the end of Season 1, falls in love with and marries Haider, Zoya's maternal cousin while Ayaan shifts base to London, United Kingdom. He is later joined in London by his sister, Nikhat, Nuzhat, mother, Shireen and grandmother, Badi Bi.

It is unclear why he was not contacted to take care of his nieces and step-mother after the murder of his brother Asad and sister-in-law and ex-wife Zoya as he loved them dearly and would be have adopted the twins, Sanam and Seher.

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