Part 1

Zoya is about to forcefully say Qubool Hain when Asad comes and says qubool nahin hain. Akram & zoya both shocked seeing him.Asad looks furiously at akram when asad says this wedding is not legal as you are not a man since you do not respect women. One of akram's relative asks Asad to leave when asad says he wont go without Zoya. Mitwa song in background when Asad takes Zoya in his arms and leaves. He comes out of the cottage when the goons stop him,Asad makes zoya sit on a bench and waits for them while the goons attack him.

Asad beats each of them black & blue and is the process gets hurt on his eyebrow. Zoya gains conscious and looks at Asad when a goon comes to attack her and zoya trying to save herself injures her hands . Asad then beats the goon while Zoya looses conscious.

Asad brings zoya home,makes her lie down on the bed, she is unconscious, asad removes his hand from under her head,zoya flinches as her hand pains, asad carefully keeps her hand aside. Tu jahhan main wahaan song in background.Asad turns to leave when Zoya calls him and stretches her hand which asad grips and zoya says how akram forced her to marry but she falls asleep,asad looks at her for some moments and leaves.

He comes out of zoya's room and wipes the blood stains and remembers how he thought zoya always creates some trouble... how zoya had told she will go and meet akram.Asad finds Zoya's earring in his sleeve and keeps looking at it.

Part 2

Nuzzat is taking care of all arrangements and checks with Rashid as to what time he will come home as its shireen's bday today, Rashid rues that he forgot when nuzzat says they have arranged a surprise party and asks him to collect the cake while coming home.

Rasia tells her hubby that she has spoken about humeira & ayan wedding and rashid shireen seem to have accepted it, They both feel happy that humeira will remain in the house even after wedding.

Shireen comes to them when power goes off and they get franctic just then all wish and sing happy birthday, shireen is excited and happy that no one forgot her bday. Nikhat says we were trying to make it a suprise for you, rasia and her hubby bless shireen. Ayaan tells all this arrangement was done by Rashid abbu, shireen feels elated.

Part 3

A doctor treats zoya and tells asad that she is physically fine but maybe mentally disturbed and asks asad to take care of her.Dilshad & najma are furious at asad not talking to him and dilshad tells najma to give soup to zoya .

Episode ends on split screen of Zoya and Asad.

Precap - Zoya is awake when Asad says she is not in a position to walk but zoya refuses his help.

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