Dilshad Ahmed Khan
Biographical information
Full Name
  • Dilshad Rashid Ahmed Khan
  • Female
  • Homemaker
Resides in
  • Bhopal, India
Family information
Family Members
Personal information
Hair color
  • Brown-Red
Eye color
  • Dark Brown
Portrayed by
First Appearance
  • October 29, 2012

Dilshad Rashid Ahmed Khan is a Major Recurring Character in Zee TV's Qubool Hai. She is the first and abandoned wife of Rashid Ahmed Khan and is the mother of  Asad Ahmed Khan and Najma Ahmed Khan. She is also the step-mother of Ayaan Ahmed Khan, Nikkhat Ahmed Khan and Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan and Badi Bi's first daughter-in-law. She is also the soutan (co-wife) of Shireen Ahmed Khan, for whom Rashid abandoned her.

Dilshad Ahmed Khan is Portrayed by Shalini Kapoor Sagar.


Dilshad is Sweet, Kind and a Loving Mother of two, Asad and Najma. Her children are her pride and she can do anything for them. She is really hurt after her Husband left her 17 years ago, although he was forced to do so, she doesn't know the reasons behind it.

She witnesses the murder of her son, Asad and her daughter-in-law Zoya by the show's primary antagonist, Tanveer. Dilshad in order to save her grandchildren runs away with them. What happened in between is unclear, however 20 years later (approximately, 2036 going by the show's timeline) Dilshad is shown to living with one of Asad and Zoya's twins, Sanam and her grand daughter through Najma, Haaya running a dhaba in Punjab.

Dilshad and Haaya have moved back to Bhopal and are living in their former home where Asad and Zoya fell in love which now belongs to one of their relatives. Dilshad comes face to face with Tanveer who is now Begum Sahiba requesting Sanam's hand for Ahil. With the shock of being faced with Tanveer along with the anger against the woman who destroyed her family and her audacity of requesting the hand of a girl whose life she had ruined by making her an orphan, Dilshad faints and is rushed to the hospital. Sanam reluctantly marries Ahil as Tanveer promises to bear the expenses for Dilshad in return. However when Tanveer discovers Sanam's truth (from Raziya), she tries to murder Dilshad who is in a coma with the help of Raziya failing on as Haaya takes Dilshad with her.

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