Haseena Bi
Biographical information
Full Name
  • Haseena Bi
  • Shaitan ki Khala by (Ayaan)
  • Female
  • Homemaker
Resides in
  • Bhopal, India
Family information
Family Members
Personal information
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Dark Brown
Portrayed by

Haseena Bi is an Antagonistic Character in Zee TV's Qubool Hai. She is the mother of Imraan and Farhan, and the Mother-In-Law of Nikkhat and Najma . Chaand Bi is her sister and Feroz is her brother who is a police officer. She along with her Sister taunt Nikkhat for her dark complexion. She is the paternal grandmother (through Imraan) of Rehan and Haaya.

Haseena Bi only cares about money and is therefore driven to marry her sons off into wealthy families. She first gets Imraan engaged to Nikhat with the expectation of a huge dowry. When Imraan's wedding to Nikhat is called off, she happily gets her son engaged to his first love Najma as she anticipates a huge dowry coming from Asad.

Towards the end of Season 1, Haseena Bi is jailed along with her eldest son, Farhan and his wife Sameera for attempting to murder Nikhat.

Haseena Bi is Portrayed by Nishi Singh.

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