Hayaa Imran Qureshi
Biographical information
Full Name
  • Hayaa Imraan Qureishi
  • هيا عمران قريشي
  • Female
  • 22 (Season 2/3)
  • Alive; Active
  • Bhopal, India
Resides in
  • Moga, Punjab
Family information
Family Members
Personal information
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Brown
  • Doing Embroidery
Portrayed by
First Appearance
  • April 21, 2014

Hayaa Imran Qureishi is the Parallel Lead Female Protagonist on Zee TV's Qubool Hai. She is the daughter of Imraan Qureishi and Najma Qureishi. Her Maternal Grandmother is Dilshad Ahmed Khan and Sanam Ahmed Khan is her Maternal cousin.

Hayaa is Portrayed by Surbhi Chandna.


Haya was born to Imraan Qureshi and his wife Najma,who was Asad's biological younger sister.Haya is only four months older to her cousins Sanam and Seher.

Hayaa is a girl who is deaf and mute. But being a special child has only made her more special. Be it to help out in Gurudwara taking care of children, serving God or being nimble with needle and thread is something which she does in her silent ways giving herself to her sister and her Badi Ammi.

Being able to read lips, she does her best to not lose out on situations or conversations. Today, Hayaa is a bright young girl, who has learned to stand on her two feet, with help and support of her family. She is a girl with her beguiling smile and endearing ways is out to steal your hearts and yes we do believe it is not sympathy that she is out to garner but pride. The ability to not just overcome one’s frailties but to be a better person despite them.

We often find people who have certain deficiency (as compared to others), play on the sympathy card to be dependent on others. While Hayaa is one who is independent, standing alongside her family to fight the hardships they face. To carve a life that is fulfilling.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Haya is beautiful,charming and very loving.She is also adept in household chores.Initially,she was shown to have impaired hearing and speech,but was great at lip-reading.But,on the day of her wedding with Rahat,she regained her speech and hearing ability.


Haya fell in love with Rahat Ansari-a lieutenant in the Indian Army.Due to a misunderstanding,she got married to his younger brother Faiz,who was attracted to her. Rahat sacrificed his love for the sake of his brother's happiness.But Haya was never happy with Faiz and could never accept him as her husband.A misunderstanding led to Faiz divorcing Haya in rage.

She later married Rahat.By that time,Faiz turned into a psychopath roaring for revenge and he separated them repeatedly.Although uncertain,but Haya is now Rahat's widow.


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