To lack in harmony between the different parts or elements; self-contradictory: an inconsistent story.

Storyline inconsistenciesEdit

  1. Zeenat was earlier referred to as Zoya's maternal cousin but however later stated to be biologically unrelated to Zoya by Dilshad.
  2. Gaffur and Raziya were earlier mentioned to have another daughter named Hiba (elder to Humeirah) who was already happily married and resided with her husband. However, Hiba was never shown and in recent episodes, Humeirah is implied to be their only child.
  3. Haseena Bi was earlier stated to as Imraan's aunt but recent episodes clearly state that she is his mother.
  4. There is inconsistency about the ages of Najma and Nikkhat. Both refer to each other as sisters but unlike their siblings where the age sequence is clear, they have never used honorifics from either side which can clearly state which is older.

Character Casting InconsistenciesEdit

  1. Asad Ahmed Khan - Karan Singh Grover was removed from the show due to his lack of professionalism. He was replaced by Raqesh Vashisth.
  2. Ayaan Ahmed Khan - Rishabh Sinha was sacked by Zee TV for breaching exclusivity contract as well as unproffesional behaviour on the sets of Qubool Hai. Auditions were held for a new face to play Ayaan and Ayaan's onscreen absence was explained as a trip to Ajmer Sharif. Auditions were unfruitful and Vikrant Massey was offered the role of Ayaan.
  3. Tanveer A.Beg - Nisha Nagpal left the show due to medical reasons and was replaced by Amrapali Gupta.
  4. Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan - Digangana Suryavanshi left the show after accepting a film role and was replaced by Farhina Parvez Jarimari.
  5. Imran - The earlier actor left the show for his studies and was replaced by Vikram Singh Chauhan.
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