Najma Qureishi
Biographical information
Full Name
  • Najma Imraan Qureshi

(née Rashid Ahmed Khan)

  • Female
  • 20
  • College Student (former)
  • Dead
Resides in
  • Bhopal, India
Family information
Family Members

Hayaa Imran Qureishi (Daughter)

Rashid Ahmed Khan (Father)

Asad Ahmed Khan (Brother)
Zoya Farooqui (Sister-in-law)
Ayaan Ahmed Khan (Paternal half-Brother)
Nikkhat Ahmed Khan (Paternal half-Sister)
Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan (Paternal half-Sister)
Badi Bi (Paternal Grandmother)
Dilawar (Former Maternal Foster Uncle)
Haseena Qureishi (Mother-in-law)
Farhan Qureishi (Brother-in-law)
Mubarak Qureishi (Father-in-law)
Chaand Bi (Aunt-in-law)
Feroz (Uncle-in-law)
Unborn Stepchild

Personal information

Zoya Farooqui

Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Dark Brown
Portrayed by

Nehalaxmi Iyer

First Appearance

October 30, 2012


Najma Qureishi (formerly Ahmed Khan) was a Major Recurring Character in Zee TV's Qubool Hai. She was the second born child of Rashid Ahmed Khan through his first wife Dilshad Ahmed Khan. She was Rashid's First daughter and Dilshad's only daughter as well as second born child. She has an elder brother Asad Ahmed Khan, an younger half-brother Ayaan Ahmed Khan, and two younger half-sisters Nikkhat Ahmed Khan and Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan. She was also Badi Bi's second Grandchild as well as First Granddaughter. She was married to Imraan Qureishi.

Najma was murdered by her husband's ex lover, Tanveer.

She is survived by her daughter Haaya Imraan Qureishi, a deaf and dumb fashion designer cum tailor who lives with her grandmother, Dilshad and cousin, Sanam.

Najma is Portrayed by Nehalaxmi Iyer.


Najma was a diligent student who tops her class. She and Nikkhat used to go to the same college.

She is shown to be a cute and slightly chubby girl who tries to follow various diets but never really sticks to them. Asad is a very protective older brother to her who monitors what she does and wears.

She fell in love with Imraan while in college but broke up with in fear of her brother, Asad. She patched up with Imraan after his engagement with her step-sister, Nikhat broke. Najma forgave Imraan for having an affair after their break-up in college and fathering her child.

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