Nikkhat Qureishi
Biographical information
Full Name

Nikkhat Mubarak Qureishi (née Rashid Ahmed Khan)






College Student


Zingo Hottie Gang

Resides in

Bhopal, India

Family information
Family Members

Farhan Qureishi (Husband)Rashid Ahmed Khan (Father)
Shireen Ahmed Khan (Mother)
Dilshad Ahmed Khan (Step-Mother)
Ayaan Ahmed Khan (Brother)
Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan (Sister)
Asad Ahmed Khan (Paternal Half-Brother)
Najma Ahmed Khan (Paternal Half-Sister)
Badi Bi (Paternal Grandmother)
Gaffur Ahmed Siddiqui (Maternal foster Uncle)
Haseena Qureishi (Mother-in-law)
Mubarak Qureishi (Father-in-law)
Imran Qureishi (Brother-in-law)
Chaand Bi (Aunt-in-law)

Personal information

Imraan Qureishi (Ex-Fiancé)

Hair color


Eye color

Dark Brown

Portrayed by

Archana Taide

First Appearance

October 29, 2012


Nikkhat Qureishi (formerly Ahmed Khan) was a Major Recurring Character in Zee TV's Qubool Hai. She is the fourth born child of Rashid Ahmed Khan through his second wife Shireen Ahmed Khan. She is both Rashid and Shireen's eldest daughter. She has an elder half-brother Asad Ahmed Khan, an elder brother Ayaan Ahmed Khan, an elder half-sister Najma Ahmed Khan and a younger sister Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan. She is the Second granddaughter as well as fourth grandchild of Badi Bi and the elder step-daughter of Dilshad Ahmed Khan. She is the Ex-Fiancé of Imran Qureishi and ex-wife of Farhan Qureishi, son of Haseena Bi both of whom who tried to murder her.

Nikkhat is Portrayed by Archana Taide.


Nikkhat is quiet, Shy, and the mature one overall. But when she is with Ayaan, Nuzzhat and their cousin Humeirah she is shown that she is the opposite. She is always taunted, for her dark color complexion, by Haseena bi who considered her unattractive and was interested in marrying her off to one of her son's to acquire her family wealth.

Nikkhat was earlier engaged to Imraan, Haseena's second son, who was earlier in love with Najma and fathered Rehan through his affair with Tanveer. Imraan eventually breaks off the engagement to marry Najma leaving Nikkhat shattered.

Haseena Bi then get her married to her elder son, Farhan who tries to kill her with the help of her first wife and mother and think they have succeeded. However, Nikkhat returns as Khusboo a fashion model from Dubai and extracts her revenge from the trio with the help of Najma and sends them to jail.

She currently resides in London, United Kingdom with her mother, Shireen, grandmother, Badi Bi, younger sister, Nushrat and brother Ayaan.

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