Pavitra Rishta is an popular Indian soap opera that airs on Zee TV. It premiered on June 01, 2009 and airs every Mon-Fri at 09 pm. It is produced by TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. Pavitra Rishta portrays the simple life of two common middle-class families in the city of Mumbai and their day-to-day life. It particularly focuses on the journey of Manav-Archana and their grown-up children. Pavitra Rishta has made Zee TV no. 01 GEC for a period of time. It has provided very good ratings for Zee TV and is still providing good ratings. It has record of 7+ TRPs. Pavitra Rishta completed 1000 episodes on March 15, 2013 and presently, is the longest running serial of Zee TV and Balaji Telefilms. Its old episodes are airing on Zee Smile. It also airs on FBC TV in Fiji Islands.


Pavitra Rishta is the story of a couple Manav and Archana Deshmukh and their families. Archana is uneducated girl, who takes care of her family and thinks about them first. Manav is a mechanic, who alone earns and supports his family. Manav and Archana marry and then fall in love with each other and face many bad circumstances.


The BeginningEdit

Pavitra Rishta is a story about the strong emotional bond that every daughter shares with her mother. This interesting saga brings in the flavour of the mother-daughter relationship and a mother's search for a desirable match for her daughter. Archana's mother is one of the few people who appreciates the middle-class girl and she is determined to help her daughter make a good match with a man who can support her comfortably. Because of this, mechanic Manav's mother Savita lies about Manav's circumstances so he can marry the girl he loves, but when his lie is discovered shortly after their wedding, Archana's mother tries to prevent their union. In this she happily fails. Manav & Archana face many good and bad circumstances but manage to surpass them.

After 4 YearsEdit

Manav & Archana's family of two have grown to six. They have a son Soham and twin daughters Ovi-Tejaswini. They have also adopted Manav's fatherless nephew Sachin. Manav has now become a big businessman. Savita tries to break their relationship by creating misunderstandings between them. Varsha kidnaps Soham and both are presumed to be dead. Manav blames Archana for this and takes their daughters away from her. Manav goes to Canada with Damodar, Savita, Sachu, Ovi and Teju . Archana stays in India and tries to make a new family by adopting the orphaned Purvi.

After 18 YearsEdit

Although separated, Manav and Archana remain married. Archana lives with her mother Sulochana and adopted daughter Purvi; while Manav lives with his parents and children in Canada. Manav meets Archana when he visits Mumbai on business. He decides to complete the proceedings for divorce. Archana, unaware of her forged signature, is surprised when the subject of divorce is raised. She still loves Manav. But Sachin asks Archana to agree to divorce Manav for the sake of his real mother, Shravani. Savita has allowed Sachin to believe that Archana was responsible for his separation from Shravani. Archana goes along with this, but Purvi is somehow able to delay the divorce by six months.

Purvi and Ovi are caught in a love triangle with Arjun- the son of Manav's ex-boss and current business partner DK. Purvi and Arjun have fallen in love. However, DK announces that Ovi and Arjun are to wed. Savita arrives in Mumbai and tells Ovi and Teju that Archana is their mother. Purvi and Arjun's love affair is exposed. Ovi still believes that Arjun loves her and it is Purvi who trapped Arjun.

Archana tells Arjun if he really loves Purvi, he will have to prove himself. Arjun starts living in a lower-middle-class settlement near Purvi's house. He begins to work as a car mechanic. He works hard to answer Archana's challenge. It is now revealed that Soham and Varsha are alive. They live in Patna. Soham is known as Vishnu and is a small-time criminal. He comes to Mumbai on an assignment to kidnap Manav, but instead kidnaps Purvi. Manav and Arjun save Purvi. Soham is then arrested by the police.

In the meantime, Archana approves of Arjun and starts preparing for his wedding with Purvi. Ovi makes an offer to Purvi-- if Purvi will get Arjun married to Ovi, then Ovi will prevent Manav from divorcing Archana. For Archana's sake, Purvi accepts and forces Arjun to marry Ovi.

Arjun is very unhappy about having to marry Ovi and when he finds out about the agreement between Purvi and Ovi he becomes furious. Later, Ovi confesses about the agreement to Manav and everyone else as well. Manav feels very upset. Then the whole family comes to know that Savita had forged Archana's signature on the divorce papers. Manav confronts Savita and Sachin. Damodar also reveals how, 18 years ago, Savita lied to Archana that Manav wanted a divorce.

After finding out the full truth, Manav decides to live far away from Savita, leaving her devastated. Manav then fixes things up with Archana, and all three of his children apologize to her. She forgives them and they begin living together again. When Archana finds out that Vishnu is Soham, she approaches him, with the police behind her. Vishnu thinks that she is trying to get him arrested, so he puts a gun on Archana's head to escape from the police. He then takes Archana hostage and flees. Manav, who doesn't know that Vishnu is Soham, tracks Vishnu down and shoots him. Later, when Manav finds out who he shot, he goes to the police and begs them to take him as a prisoner. Soham is taken to the hospital. Soham get to know about his real parents, but still hates and distrusts them. Purvi leaves Mumbai so that Arjun can forget her and start his married life with Ovi.

Six Months LaterEdit

Arjun has become a successful businessman and Ovi is now pregnant with several complications. Arjun and Ovi appear to be a happy couple but it isn't true. Ovi constantly questions Arjun, whether or not he has forgotten Purvi. Later, Arjun goes to Kolkata for business purposes and to find Dr. Onir Dutt, who is a renowned Gynaecologist and the only doctor who is capable of treating Ovi. He finds the doctor and calls Ovi to come to Kolkata for her treatment. Ovi is accompanied by Archana and they arrive at Kolkata. Ovi dislikes Dr. Onir and refuses to get treatment from him. On the occasion of Durga Puja, Archana happens to meet Purvi who is also pregnant. It is now revealed that six months before, Purvi went to Kolkata and met Dr. Onir. They became friends and soon got married. This shocks Archana. Arjun and Ovi also come to know about Purvi when they arrive at Dr. Onir's home for dinner.

Ovi thinks that Arjun is having an affair with Purvi. She gets angry and returns back to Mumbai. Onir also refuses to treat Ovi because of her strange behaviour. At this point, Purvi reveals to Onir that Archana and Ovi are not strangers, but her mother and sister. Purvi leaves Onir's home and arrives at Mumbai. She does this so that Onir comes to Mumbai for Ovi's treatment. Ovi and Purvi's tests are conducted and then it is revealed that Purvi is pregnant with Arjun's child and this was the main reason of her leaving Mumbai. She married Onir only to give her child father's name and still loves Arjun.

Teju and Sunny have fallen in love with each other and now they are struggling to win Savita and Snehlata's heart respectively. On the other hand, Onir learns about Arjun being the father of Purvi's child and supports Purvi. Ovi turns good after seeing Onir accepting Purvi, so Ovi also decides to move on with Arjun and their baby. Meanwhile, it is revealed that, Punni loves Mittal and wants to marry him. Punni marries 40+ old Mittal for the sole reason of acquiring his property and Mittal marries Punni for Karanjkar house, where he wants to build a hotel. Punni signs a pre-nuptial promising Mittal the Karanjkar house.

Arjun-Ovi and Onir-Purvi meet with an accident, where Ovi loses her baby and Purvi delivers a girl. On learning that Ovi has lost her child, Purvi decides to give away her daughter to Ovi. Later Purvi struggles to stay apart from the baby. Everybody rejoices that Ovi is a mother and are also equally sad about Purvi losing her child. Manav and Archana are happy to become grandparents. Meanwhile, Soham is released form jail and is brain washed by Balan to shoot Manav. Soham reaches Manav and Archana but is torn between his real parents and the parents who have taken care of him. He realizes that he should shoot himself for being confused, but in a quarrel, the gun fires and shoots Archana.

Archana is rushed to the hospital where she is said to be in coma. Everybody is heart-broken to see Archana lying in coma and hand over Soham to the police. Arjun keeps her baby's name Pari. In Ovi's absence, Purvi feeds the baby. Punni sees this and informs Ovi. This makes Ovi angry and she warns Purvi to stay away from her daughter. Arjun is shocked to hear this. While changing the babies, Mittal takes a video and is now threatening Onir that he would show this video in the court and push him inside the bars for human trafficking as a revenge when Onir accused Mittal that he was doing human organ trafficking in his hospital with a doctor.

Punni also seizes the video CDs from Mittal to succumb the property of her grandmother for Mittal because of the agreement. Mittal tells Punni to get back the CDs. In the court, wrong CD is played and Onir is saved. It is revealed that Onir destroyed the CD in Punni's absence. On Mahashivratri, a grand function is held. During the function, Mittal goes to find the CD but Onir catches him and confesses that he has destroyed the CD. Varsha is released from jail and comes to Karanjkar house but Sulochana removes her out of the house. Onir and Arjun drink Bhang. In subconsciousness, Onir proposes his love to Purvi which makes her shocked.

In the court Mittal asks to conduct Arjun, Pari and Onir's DNA tests. In the report, it is proved that Pari is Arjun's daughter and Mittal loses the case. Varsha gets a job and stays in Sulochana's chawl. Onir gets Mittal arrested in the case of human organ trafficking. This worries Purvi about what would happen if Mittal came to know about her and Arjun's past. Punni gets the duplicate copy of the CD and comes to know that Arjun and Purvi are Pari's parents. Soham is released from jail but doesn't know who bailed him out. Punni sends the CD to Arjun and finally he comes to know the truth.

Punni tells Purvi to get Sulochana's sign on property papers where she is transferring the property to Mittal. Manav asks Sachin to check as to who bailed Soham out; it is later revealed that Archana signed the bail papers before she went into coma. Purvi gets Sulochana's sign on the property papers but later tears them and hands them over to Punni. Punni threatens Purvi that she would tell everybody the truth about Pari, Purvi tells Punni that she would tell everybody herself. Punni calls Ovi, Arjun and Purvi to a hotel where Arjun and Purvi reach earlier, when Ovi reaches there, she finds out while overhearing their conversation that Pari is not her daughter, but it's actually Purvi and Arjun's.

On her first anniversary, Ovi gets drunk and reveals the truth to the family members. Everybody think that Purvi and Arjun have done wrong with Ovi. Onir and Purvi leave Karanjkar house. Soham takes Onir and Purvi to his house. Sulochana comes to know of Punni's true intentions and breaks all relations with her. Ovi tells Arjun to take Pari and Arjun decides to raise Pari. On Gudi Padwa, Onir gets arrested in the case of changing babies. Arjun and Purvi meet at temple where Arjun says her to take Pari with her but Purvi refuses. Court cancels Onir's license to practice as a doctor. Onir-Purvi leave Varsha's house and go to a new place to stay. Pari gets kidnapped by Balan, but is saved by Soham. Arjun gives Pari to Purvi.

Ovi leaves home and goes to Canada for modelling and to leave alone for some time. Despite Sulochana and Savita's warning, Arjun goes to Purvi's house to meet Pari which makes them angry on Purvi. Teju starts accepting Soham as her brother. Purvi takes Pari to a polio booth and while returning it starts raining. DK sees them and takes them to his house. While video chatting with Arjun, Ovi sees Purvi and misunderstands that Arjun is having an affair with Purvi. Onir lies to Purvi that he got a job as an accountant in a company. A woman named Kinshuk Banerjee, who is related to Onir's past enters their life as his boss and becomes Purvi's friend. Soham insults a young lady named Dr. Gauri Shahane, who turns out to be Archana's new doctor. Gauri is shocked to know that Soham is Archana's son.

Archana starts responding and her condition improves. Ovi tells Manav about Purvi at Arjun's house. But, Manav comes to know the truth. Arjun goes to Canada to meet Ovi. Kinshuk calls Onir, but disconnects the phone as Purvi picks it. Purvi questions Onir about this, which makes him furious. Gauri turns out to be Purvi's college friend. Ovi tells Arjun to go back as she doesn't want to talk to him. Gauri tells Purvi that she does not believe that a goon can be Archana's son. Soham hears this and warns her to not make his family against him. Arjun sees Onir and Kinshuk at the airport and hears Onir saying that Purvi should not know the truth. Manav argues with Arjun for meeting Ovi. Purvi and Arjun see Onir in the city and when Purvi calls him, he says that he is not in Mumbai.

Soham gets the job of a waiter in a conference of doctors where Gauri is also present. She thinks that Soham is following her and calls police to arrest him. Soham's boss tells to police that he is a waiter and works with him. Soham insults Gauri for this. Arjun hires a detective behind Onir to find out the truth. Kinshuk calls Onir to meet a woman named Shalini. Dr. Agarwal tells Manav that they will conduct an experiment on Archana and while the experiment all the family members should be present. Shalini calls Onir to meet her urgently. The detective hired by Arjun follows him and listens their conversation. He informs Arjun that Onir met Shalini and is hiding something which makes Arjun more doubtful about Onir. Dr. Agarwal refuses to conduct the experiment on Archana due to his other patient's bad health from the same experiment.

Kinshuk visits Purvi's house and tells her about a woman with divine powers in Bhopal where they attend Asad and Zoya's sangeet ceremony where Arjun is present as well, and when Arjun tries to talk to Onir about how he saw Kinshuk and him together, Onir behaves rudely towards Arjun. Dr Agarwal informs the good and the bad effects of the experiment on Archana. Arjun follows Purvi on her way home in the train. Onir gets stunned watching Kinshuk and Shalini in the same train. Manav on the other hand, gets depressed after Dr Agarwal informs him about the complication that would take place, while conducting the experiment on Archana. Purvi watches Kinshuk in the same train, but, fails to meet her. Onir pretends to meet a stranger in the train, whom he introduces Purvi as his friend. Onir bribes the stranger after the stranger does his job well.

Dr. Agarwal proceeds with the phase one of his experiment on Archana. He tries to bring her back to her consciousness. Soham appears at the moment and get annoyed, considering Dr Agarwal's attempt as vague. Manav and Soham indulge in a severe argument. He bashes Soham. Soham on the other hand, bring Manav on his gunpoint. Archana reacts at the very moment. Manav yet again, tries to bring Archana to consciousness but, fails. He later, indulges in an argument with Dr. Agarwal. Sulochana forgives Soham and Varsha, but Manav again yells at them. Purvi explains to Manav that he and Archana are made for each other and no one can separate them. He should take one chance to save his and Archana's Pavitra Rishta. Purvi is going back and a lady falls down unconscious. It's Shalini (Onir's 1st wife). She decides to take her to their house. Manav gets ready to sign the papers.

Shalini tells Purvi that she is from Kolkata and has come here for job. Purvi requests her to stay at her house, since she is ill and has no house to stay. Dr. Agarwal gives Archana an injection and keeps her under observation for 72 hours. Onir is shocked to see Shalini at his house and warns her to go from his house, but she refuses. Gauri, Soham and Purvi go to temple and pray for Archana. Detective tells Arjun about Onir and Shalini. Arjun calls Onir and asks him that he can meet meet Pari. Onir lies that he is going out with Purvi and Pari for two days. Arjun comes to Purvi's house and asks Onir that why he told that he is not at home. Arjun is shocked to see Shalini at Onir's house. Manav allows Soham to meet Archana as he can bring her out of coma.

Arjun calls Purvi to meet him and tries to tell her about Onir, Kinshuk and Shalini, but Purvi refuses to hear him. Dr. Agarwal's other patient dies due to same experiment. Gauri hears this and is worried for Archana. Dr. Agarwal refuses her to inform this to anybody since 48 hours have passed and now they have to conduct experiment on Archana. Purvi sees Onir, Kinshuk and Shalini together and hears them talking about some plan. Onir pretends in front of Purvi that he called Kinshuk as she can give job to Shalini. Soham calls Purvi at the hospital. Gauri tells Purvi that Mariyam died and Archana's life is in danger.

Archana comes out of coma after 72 hours, but suffers breathing problem. Doctors attend to her and try their best to save her, but unfortunately Archana dies and Manav gets furious over Dr. Agarwal when Gauri tells him that Mariyam passed away. He asks Purvi to answer that she had faith that Archana will be fine and convinced him to sign the papers. Manav is unable to bear the loss of his love and life Archana and begs her to walk back into their lives, no one is able to believe the fact that Archana has died. Manav says Archana to return for her Manav, her family and most importantly her Pavitra Rishta.

Eventually, Archana regains her health and many other complications occur in the family. Onir and Purvi separate, and Purvi, Arjun, and Pari become a family. Secretly in Canada, Ovi gives birth to a daughter, Pia, conceived during her marriage to Arjun. Teju and Sunny have to separate due to life circumstances and decide that they will let fate decide if they are meant to be. Archana decides that Gauri should marry Sachin, and they both agree so preparations start. However, Soham feels betrayed. He tells Gauri that he loves her but she is not interested in him. In a standoff with Archana and Manav, Soham accidentally shoots Gauri and then runs away from authorities. Meanwhile, Purvi finds out about Ovi having a child by Arjun, and thinks that Arjun has betrayed her so she breaks up with him. The whole family except for Soham moves to Canada, and everyone breaks off relations with Soham, Arjun, and Ovi.

After 20 Years Edit

In Canada, Archana and Manav's family has had a successful life. Sachin is married to a new character, Neena, and they have two kids, Gaurav and Pushti. Teju remained single and lives with the family. Purvi raised Pari as a single mother with the full support of Archana and the family. Sundari still works for the family and Sulochana, Savita, and Manohar are still alive. No one has contact with Soham, Arjun, or Ovi. Pari hates Arjun for abandoning her and cheating her mother.

In India, Arjun has had a lonely life. He lives in a big empty house, and his maid's granddaugher calls him Dad but he has no real family. He has no contact with Purvi, Pari, Ovi, or Pia. Ovi also raises Pia as a single mother, but without anyone's support. Meanwhile, Soham has become a drunkard and does not take care of his five children. His eldest daughter, Ankita, does her best to manage the family responsibilities and takes care of her teenage siblings Mansi and Prashant, and her school-age siblings Pranav and Sonali (Sonu). They are growing up in a chawl but Ankita focussed on getting a good education so she can support her family better. Her best friend Sushant is in love with her and wants to marry her, but Ankita is oblivious.

By a set of circumstances, Ankita encounters Naren Karmarkar, the son of business tycoons Rushali and Shirish Karmarkar. The Karmarkars are business partners with Arjun. Naren suffered a traumatic accident while living abroad in London, and his mental health is impaired. He sees Ankita and thinks that she is Ahana, the girl he had loved in London who is now dead. On the advice of doctors, Rushali decides to get Ankita to marry Naren and pretend to be Ahana as he thinks she is. This is supposed to help Naren regain his mental balance. Ankita reluctantly agrees to the marriage because Rushali promises to help her support her siblings. Meanwhile, when Arjun meets Ankita, he sees that she is an identical look alike to Archana (both characters portrayed by actress Ankita Lokhande). He reaches out to Purvi after 20 years to tell her that he has met her mother's look alike.

Eventually, Purvi comes to India and reconciles with Arjun, with many complications. Arjun develops a dangerous blood clot that threatens his health and his life. He and Purvi go to Australia for treatment. The actors left the show so the characters are effectively written out.

Meanwhile, Ovi's daughter Pia goes to Canada and starts to work as the Deshmukh's chef so she can secretly get to know her family. Eventually the truth comes out that she is Ovi's daughter, and she is accepted into the family by everyone.

Archana goes to India and meets Ankita and does her kaanyadaan at her wedding to Naren. She does not get to know that Ankita is her granddaughter by Soham.

Over time, Ankita grows to love Naren. She accepts being called Ahana and does her best to take care of and rehabilitate him. They develop a close relationship and Ankita becomes pregnant. Naren is happy and excited about the baby he will have with his Ahana.

Archana and Manav move their whole family back to India. Sachin's wife Neena strongly dislikes this and tells Sachin that she will only stay in India until his parents settle the division of their property. Meanwhile, Pia and Pari overcome their difficult pasts and become friends and accept each other as sisters. The family wants Pari to think about getting married, but she is only interested in her career. They do not know that she has suffered heartbreak and betrayal and therefore does not believe in love. Pari lived in London for a time and was in love with a man called Amaan. Suddenly he disappeared from her life, and that too after she was in an injurious car accident. She is still wrapped up in her emotions for him.

By chance, Ankita and Pari get to meet and become friendly. Due to circumstances, Pari gets engaged to Naren's friend, Shekhar. At the wedding of Pari and Shekhar, Naren suddenly regains his memory and his mental balance: he recognizes Pari as the real Ahana. He and Pari had both given each other false names and therefore could not find each other after the car accident separated them in London. For a time Naren is in the hospital recovering from the shock, but after that he breaks up Pari and Shekhar's engagement and convinces Pari to give him another chance. He does not accept Ankita as his wife because he was not in his senses when he married her. He does not remember that she is pregnant.

Ankita convinces everyone that she never loved Naren and only married him on a contract marriage to have enough money to support her family. She believes that Naren's happiness lies with Pari so she keeps her pregnancy a secret. After some misunderstandings, Naren allows her to come back to work for him. Pari gets jealous and Ankita's closeness to him but Naren insists that it's all professional.

Ankita now lives with her sister, Mansi, who married Ankita's friend Shashank. Mansi is pregnant also. She was raped by Naren's evil brother Raunaq and is afraid the baby is his. A DNA test reveals that the baby is in fact Raunaq's, but Shashank learns this before Mansi and decides that it would be wrong to tell her. He accepts the baby as his and wants to have a happy family life. Ankita accepts his reasoning when she finds out the truth of the DNA test.

Mansi and Shashank learn by accident that Ankita is pregnant. Shashank wants to respect Ankita's decision to have her child alone and agrees that Naren should not be informed. However, Mansi thinks Ankita is making a mistake to step aside and let Pari have her place in Naren's life. So she goes to inform Naren about Ankita's pregnancy.


Character Actor Description
Deshmukh Family
Manav Damodar Deshmukh Sushant Singh Rajput / Hiten Tejwani Male Protagonist & Main Lead, Archana's Husband
Archana Manav Deshmukh (Archu) Ankita Lokhande Female Protagonist & Main Lead, Manav's Wife
Damodar Deshmukh Ajay Wadhavkar Manav's Father
Savita Damodar Deshmukh Usha Nadkarni Manav's Mother
Vishwasrao Deshmukh Sunil Ghodse Manav's Uncle (Dead)
Sachin Damodar Deshmukh Raj Singh Manav's Younger Brother, Shravani's Lover (Dead)
Sachin Sachin Deshmukh / Sachin Manav Deshmukh (Sachu) Puru Chibber / Anubhav Krishna Srivastava Sachin & Shravani's Son, Manav & Archana's Adopted Son
Soham Manav Deshmukh(Vishnu Lala) Ankit Narang Manav & Archana's Son, Varsha's Adopted Son
Tejaswini Manav Deshmukh(Teju) Mrinalini Tyagi Manav & Archana's Twin Daughter, Sunny's Lover
Karanjkar Family
Manohar Karanjkar Ajay Rohila / Kishori Govind Mahabole Archana's Father (Dead)
Sulochana Manohar Karanjkar Savita Prabhune Archana's Mother
Vinod Manohar Karanjkar Parag Tyagi Archana's Elder Brother
Manjusha Vinod Karanjkar(Manju) Swati Anand Antagonist, Vinod's Wife
Ruchita Vinod Karanjkar (Ruchi) Shivani Tomar Vinod & Manjusha's Younger Daughter
Kirloskar Family
Arjun Digvijay Kirloskar Rithvik Dhanjani DK & Ashna's Son, Purvi's Ex-Fiance & Lover, Pari's Father, Ovi's Husband
Ovi Arjun Kirloskar Shruti Kanwar Manav & Archana's Twin Daughter, Arjun's Wife
Pari Arjun Kirloskar Arjun & Purvi's Daughter
Digvijay Kirloskar(DK) Naved Aslam Manav's Business Partner, Arjun's Father
Ashna Digvijay Kirloskar Manasi Salvi DK's Wife, Arjun's Mother (Dead)
Dutt Family
Dr. Onir Dutt Shakti Arora Purvi's Husband
Purvi Onir Dutt (Mishti) Asha Negi Archana's Adopted Daughter, Arjun's Ex-Fiancee & Lover, Pari's Mother, Onir's Wife
Mittal Family
Mallik Mittal Krunal Pandit Antagonist, Poornima's Husband
Poornima Mallik Mittal(Punni) Jia Mustafa Antagonist, Vinod & Manjusha's Elder Daughter, Mallik's Wife
Shahane Family
Dr. Gauri Shahane Priyanka Kandwal Archana's Doctor, Purvi's Friend
Umesh Shahane Gauri's Father
Rajni Shahane Gauri's Mother
Atul Shahane Gauri's Younger Brother
Deshpande Family
Satish Mohan Deshpande Anurag Sharma Varsha's Husband (Terminated)
Varsha Satish Deshpande(Varshu, Jhumri) Priya Marathe Archana's Younger Sister, Soham's Adopted Mother
Mohan Deshpande Pawan Mahendru Satish's Father (Dead)
Bhavana Mohan Deshpande Shalini Arora Satish's Mother (Dead)
Jaipurwala Family
Dharmesh Jaipurwala Sumit Arora Antagonist, Vaishali's Husband (Terminated)
Vaishali Dharmesh Jaipurwala(Vaishu) Prarthana Behere / Madhumita Das Archana's Youngest Sister (Terminated)
Madhuri Dharmesh Jaipurwala Divyajyot Sabarwal Dharmesh's First Wife (Dead)
Aniket Dharmesh Jaipurwala Rashul Tandon Dharmesh & Vaishali's Son (Terminated)
Varun Dharmesh Jaipurwala Dharmesh & Madhuri's Son (Terminated)
Meena Jaipurwala Sujata Vaishnav Dharmesh's Mother (Dead)
Lokhande Family
Rasika Lokhande Smita Oak Antagonist, Ajit & Manjusha's Mother (Terminated)
Ajit Lokhande Prabhat Bhattacharya / Pankaj Vishnu Antagonist, Vandita's Husband, Manjusha's Brother (Terminated)
Vandita Ajit Lokhande Yamini Thakur Manav's Sister, Ajit's Wife (Terminated)
Munni Ajit Lokhande Ajit & Vandita's Daughter (Terminated)
Shravani Girish Mahadik Pooja Pihal Sachin's Lover, Manav's Lover, Sachu's Biological Mother (Terminated)
Girish Mahadik Anil Mishra Shravani's Father (Dead)
Ashwin Sagar Amit Sareen Antagonist, Satish's Brother-In-Law, Varsha's Lover (Terminated)
Urmila Ashwin Sagar Ashlesha Sawant Satish's Cousin, Ashwin's Wife (Terminated)
Sunny Mukesh Khandeshi Karan Sharma Mukesh & Snehlata's Younger Son, Tejaswini's Ex Lover (Terminated)
Jignesh Mukesh Khandeshi Mark Farokh Parakh Mukesh & Snehlata's Elder Son (Terminated)
Mukesh Khandeshi Hitesh Dave Snehlata's Husband, Jignesh & Sunny's Father (Terminated)
Snehlata Mukesh Khandeshi Ketki Dave Jignesh & Sunny's Mother, Savita's Enemy (Terminated)
Shalini Sengupta Maneka Lalwani Antagonist, Onir's First Wife
Kinshuk Banerjee Suman Shashi Kant Antagonist, Shalini's Friend
Balan Singh Kali Prasad Mukerjee / Abhay Bhargava Antagonist, Soham's Adopted Father (Terminated)
Sundri Kumari Sarita Shivaskar Savita's Secretary (Terminated)
Charulata Mehta Anuradha Kanabar Snehlata's Sister (Terminated)
Jaywant Rane Mahesh Shetty Antagonist, Archana's Ex-Fiance (Terminated)
Sameer Rane Aarav Singh Inspector (Terminated)
Vinay Apte Mandhar Jadhav Antagonist, Purvi's Ex-Fiance (Dead)


The Show is created by TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor and is co-produced by Shobha Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms.


Ekta casted Sushant Singh Rajput as the lead of the show to play the Male Protagonist Manav Deshmukh. Sushant has earlier worked with Kapoor in her show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil as Preet Juneja. Ankita Lokhande was casted as the Female Protagonist Archana Karanjkar. It was Ankita's debut show but she was also part of Zee TV's Idea Zee Cinestars, a talent hunt reality show. Ekta went her to cast her prominent faces of Balaji Telefilms, Usha Nadkarni and Savita Prabhune in roles of Savita Deshmukh and Sulochana Karanjkar respectively.

In 2011, when the lead Sushant Singh Rajput decided to quit the show to pursue his career in Bollywood, there were several names considered for the role of Manav Deshmukh. Later, Hiten Tejwani was considered and finalized to play the role of Manav Deshmukh opposite Ankita Lokhande. Prarthana Behere who played the role of Vaishali Jaipurwala was also replaced by Madhumita Das.

In December, 2011, when the show took 18 years leap, several names were considered for Parallel Male Leads. Rithvik Dhanjani was later finalized to be part of the show as Arjun Kirloskar along with Mrinalini Tyagi as Tejaswini Deshmukh. For Parallel Female Lead opposite Rithvik Dhanjani, Shafaq Naaz and Asha Negi were considered. Later Asha Negi was finalized for the Parallel Lead Purvi Deshmukh post leap. Also a new face Shruti Kanwar was finalised to play the role Ovi Deshmukh, another twin daughter of Manav-Archana. Ankit Narang was finalised to play the role of Soham Deshmukh, the son of Archana & Manav stolen by Varsha.

In November, 2012, the show took yet another six months leap. For the post leap sequence, Shakti Arora was finalized to play Parallel lead role of Dr. Onir Dutt who would be Purvi's husband. In February 2013, Kali Prasad Mukherjee who played the role of Balan was replaced by Abhay Bhargava. In May, 2013, a new actor Priyanka Kandwal entered in the show as Archana's new doctor and Soham's love interest Gauri Shahane.

Crossover EpisodesEdit

  • With Ram Milaye Jodi & Sanjog Se Bani Sangini on 17th January, 2011
  • With Ram Milaye Jodi, Sanjog Se Bani Sangini and Sanskaar Laxmi on 23rd May, 2011
  • With Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli & Ram Milaye Jodi on 15th August, 2011
  • With Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli on 17th April, 2012
  • With Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli & Hitler Didi on 28th May, 2012
  • With Hitler Didi & Phir Subah Hogi (TV series) on 07th September, 2012
  • With Phir Subah Hogi (TV series) on 27th September, 2012
  • With Hitler Didi on 11th & 14th January, 2013
  • With Qubool Hai and Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan on 20th May, 2013


The show has completed its 1000 episodes on 15th March, 2013. It has received commercial and critical success, many awards and nominations from India and abroad. It is the first show of Zee TV that has completed 1000th episodes.


Initially the show started with 2.4 TVR and after two months of its launch the show became one of the top 10 shows of Indian Television with an average rating of 3.3 TVR as of October, 2009. Since November 2009, the show became No. 01 Show on Hindi GEC beating all other shows with an average rating of 5.5 TVR. Even in the year of 2010, the show was the top show on Hindi GEC with an average TVR of 4.5 to 5.0, also bagged the TRP of 6+ and 7.2+. Also, in the initial months of 2011, the show continued to be top show across all GEC's with an average TVR of 5.55.

In January 2011, the show scored an all time high TVR of 7.0. Though during the time of IPL in 2011, the show was no. 1 fiction show across all GEC's, but its TRP fell to an average 4.44 TVR. In June 2011, the show's rating fell to 3.33 TVR but continued to be no. 1 show across all GEC's. However, due to stiff competition from KBC 5, airing at same slot on rival channel, the show maintained its TRP's, but fell to top 5 shows across all GEC's. But still the show was top show of Zee TV. In November, 2011 the show's ratings fell to 2.22 after Hiten Tejwani replaced Sushant Singh Rajput as male lead.

The show took 18 years leap on 12th December 2011, launched my new actors. Interesting story and good acting by new actors helped the show to pick up its ratings. In March, 2012 the show had an average rating of 3.6 TVR. In December 2012, show took 6 months leap, show got TVR of 3.4 to 3.8. Currently, it is receiving TVR of 1.8 to 2.4. It is still one of the top 5 shows of Zee TV and top 15 shows of Indian Television.


Pavitra Rishta received several awards & nominations. It has won about 70 awards(including both National & International awards). Most awards were received by Ankita Lokhande & Sushant Singh Rajput for their roles Archana & Manav Deshmukh in the Best Actress & Best Actor categories, Usha Nadkarni in the Best Negative Actress category and Ekta Kapoor in the Best Serial category. Asha Negi also received the Stellar Performer Of The Year at Zee Gold Awards, an award given to actors who have given outstanding performances. Asha Negi and Rithvik Dhanjani have won the Favourite Jodi award at Zee Rishtey Awards.


Pavitra Rishta replaced the show Saat Phere.

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