Rajvir Singh Khurana was a minor Antagonistic Character in Zee TV's Qubool Hai.

Personality Edit

He was first introduced when Zoya left at night to find more about what's going on between Imraan and Tanveer A.Beg, and on her way back home she couldn't find any Taxi or bus. Then there comes Rajvir as a normal driver and gives her a ride home. What Zoya didn't know was the his bad intensions. The next day he texted her and she thought he was just being nice and friendly so she texted back a couple of times, until it resulted in him being at her doorstep and asking for, like a ride and enjoy, only the two of them. When Zoya came aware of his intensions, she went with the flow and lured him inside the house where there was a function and slapped him in front of everyone, gave a lecture and made sure he won't even think about any of that sort.

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