Rashid Ahmed Khan
Biographical information
Full Name
  • Rashid Ahmed Khan
  • Male
  • Businessman
  • Dead
Resides in
  • Bhopal, India
Family information
Family Members
Personal information
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Dark Brown
Portrayed by

Rashid Ahmed Khan was a Major Recurring Character in Zee TV's Qubool Hai. He is the Father of Asad Ahmed Khan , Ayaan Ahmed Khan, Najma Ahmed Khan, Nikkhat Ahmed Khan and Nuzzhat Ahmed Khan and Husband of Dilshad Ahmed Khan and Shireen Ahmed KhanBadi Bi is his mother.

He was murdered by the show antagonist, Tanveer.

Rashid Ahmed Khan is Portrayed by Vaquar Shaikh.


Rashid is quiet, though he is so because of Raziya who kept him as a pawn for the past 17 years after the Conspiracy. Using him to fulfill her wishes. He is a father of Five. Two from, his first wife, Dilshad, Asad and Najma. And three from, his second wife, Shireen, Ayaan, Nikkhat and Nuzzhat. He succesfully owns a business.

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