Sameera Farhan Qureishi is antagonist minor character on Zee TV's Qubool Hai.

She is the first wife of Farhan Qureishi. Farhan went out of country and when he came back he got the news that his wife is dead, and so he started his journey of looking for her everywhere and even, at the brothels, sleeping the night to find more about her Because a part of him was telling him that sameera is still alive.

Later, we find out that she is alive and is locked in a dark store-like room in their house by Farhan's mother, Haseena Bi. This is later revealed to be a plan to drive Nikhat insane and take over her wealth. Nikhat teaches her husband and Sameera and lesson. Sameera towards the end of Season 1 finds herself in jail for her misdeeds.

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